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Arch Enemy and Behemoth Concert, Düsseldorf, October 2022

A pre-concert selfie.

Selfie at the Arch Enemy + Behemoth concert

Behemoth concert

I don’t listen to Behemoth much, but I’ve been interested in them since In Absentia Dei - which is a really good live release - so I was quite excited to see them live. The performance was fiery (both literally and figuratively); a great metal concert.

The following are images of the stage at various points during the concert.

Behemoth concert 1 Behemoth concert 2 Behemoth concert 3 Behemoth concert 4 Behemoth concert 5 Behemoth concert 6 Behemoth concert 7 Behemoth concert 8

Arch Enemy concert

I’ve been a fan of Arch Enemy for several years now, but this was my first live concert of them. The performance was as amazing as I expected it to be.

The following are some images from the concert. I got moved around a bit due to moshing, so the images are taken from increasing distances from the stage.

Arch Enemy concert 1 Arch Enemy concert 2 Arch Enemy concert 3 Arch Enemy concert 4 Arch Enemy concert 5 Arch Enemy concert 6 Arch Enemy concert 7 Arch Enemy concert 8 Arch Enemy concert 9 Arch Enemy concert 10

Xandria and Visions of Atlantis Concert, Cologne, September 2022

Ye Banished Privateers were a supporting band at the concert. I hadn’t heard of them before, but they were really fun performers.

Here are a few images of their performance.

Ye Banished Privateers 1 Ye Banished Privateers 2 Ye Banished Privateers 3


Xandria was the main reason why I was at this concert. I’ve been following them for about 10 years now (since they released Neverworld’s End), but I hadn’t seen them live before. The new lineup is really good; particularly the new guitarist was on fire throughout, a pure joy to watch.

Some images from the concert are given below.

Xandria 1 Xandria 2 Xandria 3 Xandria 4 Xandria 5 Xandria 6 Xandria 7

Visions of Atlantis

I didn’t know anything about Visions of Atlantis before buying a ticket for this concert, so I also didn’t really know what to expect from the performance. The concert was amazing though; they are really good live performers and the interaction with the audience was great. I’m glad to have seen them live.

Various photos from their performance are given below.

Visions of Atlantis 1 Visions of Atlantis 2 Visions of Atlantis 3 Visions of Atlantis 4 Visions of Atlantis 5 Visions of Atlantis 6 Visions of Atlantis 7 Visions of Atlantis 8 Visions of Atlantis 9 Visions of Atlantis 10

Scardust concert, Cologne, August 2022

I went to this concert because of my friend Minh, who is a Scardust fan; I didn’t know much about them before (other than hearing a couple of studio song, which I couldn’t really get into). There were sadly some issues with the equipment setup and the sound mix wasn’t ideal (the singer in particular was a bit difficult to hear). The performance was very good though; I have to say I prefer their music live than in a studio version.

A few photos from the event are given below. The concert was in a small venue and we could stand very close to the stage, which was very nice.

Scardust 1 Scardust 2 Scardust 3

After Scardust, there was another band playing (I think their name was Lifespark), but their style was unfortunately not something for me, so we only stayed for the first few of their songs. I took one photo of the venue before leaving though; the atmosphere there was great.

After Scardust stage