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Scardust concert, Cologne, August 2022

I went to this concert because of my friend Minh, who is a Scardust fan; I didn’t know much about them before (other than hearing a couple of studio song, which I couldn’t really get into). There were sadly some issues with the equipment setup and the sound mix wasn’t ideal (the singer in particular was a bit difficult to hear). The performance was very good though; I have to say I prefer their music live than in a studio version.

A few photos from the event are given below. The concert was in a small venue and we could stand very close to the stage, which was very nice.

Scardust 1 Scardust 2 Scardust 3

After Scardust, there was another band playing (I think their name was Lifespark), but their style was unfortunately not something for me, so we only stayed for the first few of their songs. I took one photo of the venue before leaving though; the atmosphere there was great.

After Scardust stage