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Arch Enemy and Behemoth Concert, Düsseldorf, October 2022

A pre-concert selfie.

Selfie at the Arch Enemy + Behemoth concert

Behemoth concert

I don’t listen to Behemoth much, but I’ve been interested in them since In Absentia Dei - which is a really good live release - so I was quite excited to see them live. The performance was fiery (both literally and figuratively); a great metal concert.

The following are images of the stage at various points during the concert.

Behemoth concert 1 Behemoth concert 2 Behemoth concert 3 Behemoth concert 4 Behemoth concert 5 Behemoth concert 6 Behemoth concert 7 Behemoth concert 8

Arch Enemy concert

I’ve been a fan of Arch Enemy for several years now, but this was my first live concert of them. The performance was as amazing as I expected it to be.

The following are some images from the concert. I got moved around a bit due to moshing, so the images are taken from increasing distances from the stage.

Arch Enemy concert 1 Arch Enemy concert 2 Arch Enemy concert 3 Arch Enemy concert 4 Arch Enemy concert 5 Arch Enemy concert 6 Arch Enemy concert 7 Arch Enemy concert 8 Arch Enemy concert 9 Arch Enemy concert 10