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Nightwish Concert, Antwerp, November 2022

Nightwish is my absolute favourite band, but this was the first time I was at one of their concerts (until this point, I’d only experienced them live through their live DVDs and the Islanders Arms stream from 2021).

We bought tickets for this concert with my friend Minh at the end of 2021, after hearing that the concert in Düsseldorf (for which we had tickets) was cancelled (for the second time) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This also meant that we’d be seeing Nightwish again in just a couple of weeks.

Since the concert was on a Sunday evening, we stayed in Antwerp the whole weekend so that we can also explore the city a little bit.


This was actually my first time in Antwerp as well, and I have to say I really love the place - I found it to be a very cozy city, the people were also very friendly and fun in a weird way, and the food was quite good. We also had a tour by a funny (and very knowledgeable) tour guide, and visited the Plantin-Moretus museum (I think this might be my favourite museum - I loved all the little details about how printing was done, and seeing printing presses was quite cool).

Here are various photos taken during the visit.

The Antwert central train station. A street near the central station. Another street near the central station. A street in the city center. Another street in the city center. A statue of a sleeping boy is visible. The city square The Antwerp town hall, with the 'main' city statue in the center (depicting a legend about the origin of the city name). A different perspective of the city square. The Antwerp status is also visible. A small fortress at the port. The river Scheldt. Inside yard of the Plantin-Moretus museum. A door lock for drank people - guides the key to the whole very nicely. Statue of a boy with a dog. Both are sleeping under a blanket. Printing press


Beast in Black

Beast in Black was the supporting band at the concert (Turmion Kätilöt was actually the first supporting band, but they were almost done by the time we made it to the venue). They are very entertaining live performers, so this was a really nice and energetic warm-up for Nightwish.

Beast in Black 1 Beast in Black 2 Beast in Black 3 Beast in Black 4 Beast in Black 5


The Nightwish concert was extremely good. The setlist was a great combination of old and new songs, and the performance was, as always with Nightwish, fantastic (I believe this was also the first live performance after Floor’s surgery, which makes it even more extraordinary).

Below are (quite a few) photos of the stage at various points during the concert.

Waiting for the Nightwish concert to start (the curtain is down) Nightwish 1 Nightwish 2 Nightwish 3 Nightwish 4 Nightwish 5 Nightwish 6 Nightwish 7 Nightwish 8 Nightwish 9 Nightwish 10 Nightwish 11 Nightwish 12 Nightwish 13 Nightwish 14 Nightwish 15 Nightwish 16 Nightwish 17 Nightwish 18 Nightwish 19 Nightwish 20 Nightwish 21 Nightwish 22 Nightwish 23 Nightwish 24 Nightwish 25 Nightwish 26 Nightwish 27 Nightwish 28 Nightwish 29 Nightwish 30