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I am currently a PhD student in robotics; my project is a joint cooperation between the Autonomous Systems Group at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and the Knowledge-Based Systems Group at RWTH Aachen University. The working title of my dissertation is Skill generalisation and experience acquisition for predicting and avoiding robot execution failures. The focus of my work is on (i) making the process of robot action execution more transparent and (ii) increasing the introspection of robots so that, on the one hand, they are not oblivious to failures and, on the other hand, can be diagnosed more easily. Robots are unfortunately (still) fairly stupid in general, so my goal is to make them just a little bit smarter and more aware of their shortcomings.

Domestic robotics is my main domain of interest - a useful household assistant that can relieve me of mundane household chores would be great to have - which is why I am also part of the b-it-bots@Home robotics team at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. I mainly work with a Toyota HSR robot there. I have also been involved in various projects in the Autonomous Systems Group at H-BRS over the years.

I find satisfaction in working with students as well; I am thus grateful to be involved in teaching various courses and supervising students.


Programming is my primary hobby, as it allows me to try out interesting things while learning and having fun at the same time. Incorporating interesting mathematical models into my work is a close second.

Other than that, I’m also a huge fan of the Harry Potter and Star Wars series. I am also an avid Nightwish fan (but I like all sorts of music). I sometimes follow sports as well, nowadays mostly football and tennis; in the past, I also used to play football quite a lot, but I’m not doing that anymore.

I come from a fairly musical family and while I am not doing music professionally, I love practicing my voice (I hope my neighbours don’t mind). I also play the guitar a bit (thanks to my brother who taught me the basics).