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Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

b-it-bots@Home (2017-)

Since roughly the summer of 2017, I am part of the b-it-bots@Home team at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (I was team co-leader until February 2019, but had to step down for a few months due to time constraints, although I continued again in September 2019). I focus on various aspects in the team, but my primary activities are knowledge engineering and system integration. There is an overlap of what I do in the team and my PhD.

At the beginning of 2018, we acquired a Toyota HSR robot, such that I oversee most of the activities with this robot. For a while, I was trying to work with our old Care-O-bot 3 as well, but unfortunately that one got broken and is now out of order.

I get to contribute to various open-source projects here, particularly:

ROPOD (2017-)

Since the beginning of 2017, I work in the ROPOD EU-funded project. My primary work is in a work package focusing on fault detection and fault tolerance; in this context, my colleagues and I are working on data logging (in particular, a concept for a so-called robotic black box), component and system monitoring, as well as remote monitoring, experimentation, and diagnosis. I also get to do a fair amount of testing with the ROPOD platform. Additionally, I am involved in task planning and a little bit of system integration.

Most of the components that we have developed in the project are open-source; of these, I am personally mostly involved in the development of:

During the project, I’ve also developed various minor tools that have been useful in different contexts:

beyondSPAI (2016)

After finishing my master’s thesis in 2016, I was briefly involved in the beyondSPAI project. My main activity here was performing a comparative analysis of (mostly learning-based) person detection and segmentation models and identifying candidate models that can use skin masks as additional source of information that aids the detection process.

AICISS (2014-2015)

During part of my master’s studies, I worked on the AICISS project, where I mostly worked on fault detection (which was also my R&D project during my studies). We worked with a KUKA youBot in this project, such that I looked into wheel fault detection, using a camera observation system for keeping the robot inside a predefined safe region, using fault injection for diagnosing laser scanner and wheel faults, as well as implementing a custom-made data logger.

This was the first larger robotics projects I was involved in, so I gained a lot of practical experience in it.